Featured Works

A curated list of work from my full writing portfolio not including books.

How Jessica Jones Fails People of Color

I examine how season 2 of Jessica Jones underserves its characters of color.

E.K. Johnston and the Women of Star Wars

I spoke with author E.K. Johnston (AhsokaThe Aftermath) at San Diego Comic Con 2018.

Jason Reynolds and Kadir Nelson on Miles Morales

Jason Reynolds and Kadir Nelson spoke to me about their work on YA novel, Miles Morales.

Daniel José Older is Your Next Star Wars Fav

A profile on Daniel José Older, author of Last Shot and Shadowshaper.

Video Script: Ten Times Peter Parker was a Hot Mess

Interview with Mark Waid, Writer of New Archie Vol. 1

I spoke with comics writer Mark Waid about the launch of the new Archie series.

The Women of Daredevil

An examination of the women of season one of Netflix’s Daredevil.

Excerpts from Kylo Ren’s Mixtape Journal

Kylo Ren has a lot of feelings, and he uses emo music to get through them.

With Dan Slott Leaving Spidey, Who Should Take Over?

Six writers who could take over Amazing Spider-Man.

Riverdale is weird and strange, but so are the comics

Taking a look back at old Archie comics and how they might have influenced the show Riverdale.

Coming of Age, Universality, and Diverse Reads

Too often readers imply that books about marginalized people are not accessible, or relatable. I work through why that sentiment is nonsense.

Tom Holland Was Clearly Made in a Factory

Look, no actor can be as perfect to play Peter Parker as Tom Holland is naturally. So, Marvel definitely created him in a factory, right?

The best Spider-Man comics of all time

The greatest hits of a 60-year web of stories

Brown Bodies in White Spaces:
On Meeting Riz Ahmed at Star Wars Celebration

I work through what it means to be a fan of color of one of the largest franchises of all time.

#WhiteWashedOut: Asian Representation in Hollywood:

I co-created the #WhiteWashedOut movement and wrote about its necessity for BookRiot.

Interview with Abhishek Singh, creator of Krishna: A Journey Within

I spoke with Abhishek Singh about illustrating through culture and religion.

Cap’s Beard: Gone, But Not Forgotten

RIP Captain America’s Beard.